Nashville, Tennessee Family Law Attorney

Kristen Vanderkooi’s family law practice encompasses a wide variety of matters: Divorce, Child custody determinations and visitation issues, Child support modifications or enforcement, Paternity, Adoptions, and Prenuptial agreements. 


It is a given that broken relationships are difficult. It’s tempting to let a family court settle the complex and emotional conflicts that result. But, a judge’s ruling may not reflect what’s best for your family. Ms. Vanderkooi is skilled at bringing people together to the best solution for your individual family. It is almost always worth trying to bring the parties interests together before making the determination that litigation is necessary. Our goal is to help you find a fair and practical agreement that allows you to move on from this difficult time.

A cookie-cutter settlement agreement is no substitute for a personalized solution. Ms. Vanderkooi will give you a frank assessment of your unique circumstances; what could happen in court and what it may cost to litigate or settle. From there, she will help you work past the emotions and help you reach a practical agreement that eases the short-term transitions and, where children are involved, lays the groundwork for ongoing and future communication and conflict resolution.

If litigation is necessary, Kristen Vanderkooi will use all of the power of the courts to bring about the best result for her clients. Litigation of a divorce is comprised of Discovery, which is the process of fact finding through submitting written questions to the parties, requests for production of documents, and depositions, oral testimony by the parties, under oath. Parties may negotiate a settlement, at any time, during this process up to and even during a trial. Many divorces can be successfully mediated before a trial. Finally, if the parties cannot come together with a settlement, a trial will be conducted and the Court will make a ruling on all issues before it. Being a former police officer and experienced litigator, Ms. Vanderkooi will stand up for your rights and obtain the best results possible.

Ms. Vanderkooi represents clients in Nashville and surrounding Counties, in the following matters.