Losing a loved one can be a very difficult experience. Handling estate issues, while grieving, can add to the difficulty. Not all estates need to go through the probate administration process. It is important to have an attorney guide you through the handling of the estate whether probate is determined to be necessary or not. There can be consequences for years to come for mishandling a probate matter. No matter what the case involves, Kristen Vanderkooi is prepared to help you maneuver this difficult time in a kind, sensitive manner to a satisfactory resolution. This can take the form of providing legal advice as to appropriate non-probate resolution, probate administration or probate litigation.

When disagreements arise among heirs, it is almost always appropriate to try to work through these disagreements to see if they can be resolved short of litigating the matter. Ms. Vanderkooi is a skilled negotiator and will work tireless toward a peaceful and respectful resolution of disputes. We are sensitive to the fact that your loved one intended his/her estate to go to the benefit of his/her heirs, rather than toward legal fees and litigation expenses. There are certainly circumstances where litigation is thrust upon you, by other parties, whether it is a creditor or another heir.

When litigating a probate matter becomes necessary, Ms. Vanderkooi will use all of the power of the court to the benefit of her client. Being a former police officer and experienced litigator, Ms. Vanderkooi will be an asset in your corner. Her style is respectful, reasonable and intentional about bringing the emotional level down, while remaining effective and strong.

Ms. Vanderkooi offers a free, no obligation consultation. She will be glad to give consideration to your situation and advise you on your options, from handling the matter yourself through taking on full representation of the matter.